I have a crazy race schedule this year, already.  It’s actually pretty exciting.  Especially that I am finally excited and PUMPED about it!  Right now, I am only signed up for half marathons.  I may end up keeping it that way too.  Unless I find a Sunday 5K.  I’m all about long distance now, and medals.  

My race schedule goes like this……

03.16.14 : NYC HALF!: New York City!!! DREAM HALF!

04.13.14 : Union Hospital Run for Home Half: New Philadelphia, Ohio (LAST RACE of my 32nd year!)

04.27.14: Pro Football Hall of Fame Half: Canton, Ohio (FIRST RACE of my 33rd year!)

05.18.14: Rite Aid Cleveland Half: Cleveland, Ohio (With my sister, brother and his sister!)

06.22.14: Biggest Loser Half Marathon: Erie, PA

09.07.14: Canton City Half Marathon: Canton, Ohio (My very first half last year!)

09.27.14: Akron Half: Akron, Ohio (My favorite last year!)

10.18.14-10.19.14: Runners World Hat Trick!: Bethlehem, PA (5K/10K on Saturday and Half on Sunday!)


It’s pretty insane, but pretty damn awesome too!  I’m really excited!  I have some super amazing people running with me on most of the races, so that is even more exciting!!!!  I will actually be helping a friend do their first Half in September by staying with them and helping push to the finish!  That is almost more rewarding to me than a PR!



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