Mark’s Place – Healthy is Beautiful 10k!




This is the only picture I have from the 10k yesterday.

I am towards the front with sunglasses on to the right.

I totally was NOT feeling the race yesterday.

Runningbestie went with me, she was right in the same boat.

At least she PUSHED me to go!

We left my house around 1 or so and drove to Dover.  When we got there, we had to walk about a mile (or so it felt) to packet pickup and then back to the car.  Put on our bibs and then walked back to the start.

The race started at 3pm sharp and was a 3 loop out and back.  In some ways I really like this, because I knew what to expect.  In other ways, SUPER BORING!  With the 2 hills, it made it very challenging as well.  The first lap I seriously thought I was going to die….or just quit.  Totally was not feeling it at all.  The second lap got a lot better, probably because I knew what to expect and it just seemed to go by quickly.  The third was good and bad.  I figured out that I could beat my first 10k time, and then psyched myself out and only beat it by 1 min.  I could have finished about 3 minutes faster if I hadn’t walked so much.

Why do I always end up having regrets?  This was definitely the worst race this year.  I just was not feeling it at all!

I was glad that I did it and got race #12 done for the year…..but it was not a great one.

Now to get pumped up for #13!!!!!




174/206 Overall

23/30 Age

111/134 Female